Transurban Queensland Supporting Ronald McDonald House Charities SEQ 

Transurban has been a major supporter of Ronald McDonald House for the past eight years. Together with their stakeholders and partners, each year Transurban raises money for RMHC SEQ through their annual Charity Day event, last year reaching a milestone of raising $1 million over seven years of running the event.  

This year is a little different. In lieu of Charity Day, Transurban is supporting RMH through an online fundraising appeal to help cover the costs of running the emergency accommodation for families with seriously ill children.


How your support will help families

Ronald McDonald House, located inside the walls of the QLD Children’s Hospital, gives seriously ill children the best gift of all – their families. Our hospital house is a warm and supportive home-away-from-home for families of children who are inpatients at the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit.

This emergency accommodation helps give parents and carers of critically ill children peace of mind, knowing they are close-by to comfort their child whenever they are needed.

The hospital house is much more than just a place to sleep, the home-like environment and support from other families and staff is known to improve family wellbeing.


Transurban Charity Cup 2019

Last year, we came together at Eagle Farm Racecourse with more than 330 of Transurban's corporate partners and supporters to raise enough money to fund the operation of the RMHC SEQ family room and accommodation inside the Royal Children’s Hospital in Brisbane for one year. 

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