Ten-year-old Scarlett knows a lot about Ronald McDonald House Charities Northern NSW (RMHC) and the important services they provide.

So much so that this July she’s decided to pledge her 11th birthday because of her sister Elora.

In July 2018 Scarlett’s little sister, Elora, was diagnosed with ADEM – Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis – and admitted to John Hunter Children’s Hospital for treatment. Elora was in hospital for two weeks during which time the family appreciated the support provided by the Family Room.

Scarlett remembers playing games in the family room, dancing with volunteers and teaching them how to floss.

For Meagan and her husband Lachlan, the Family Room provided a much-needed sanctuary when they needed it most.

“Having access to the Family Room was crucial and allowed us to catch up on practical things like Elora’s washing. But it also provided a space to take a five-minute break, make a cuppa, get our confidence and strength back so we could return to Elora’s bedside and be positive for her,” said Meagan.

Elora is now a healthy and happy eight-year-old who enjoys swimming and mountain bike riding with her big sister, Scarlett.

Pledge Your Birthday


When did you decide that you wanted to pledge your birthday this year?

After Christmas last year I told Mum that I’ve got too much stuff and want to donate money to RMHC instead of getting gifts for my birthday in July.

How are you raising money and how much do you want to raise?

I’ve told all my family that I’m pledging my birthday. Plus, I’m having a party at home with games and karaoke and asking my friends to donate instead of buying a gift. I’m excited and happy to be pledging my birthday this year and hoping to raise $500.

What type of birthday cake are you hoping for?

Vanilla and caramel are my favourite flavours.

Would you like more people to pledge their birthday to RMHC?

Yes! Any donation big or small helps the families who stay at Ronald McDonald House, and families like ours that used the Family Room and the Learning Program.

Pledge your birthday today to help families like Scarlett & Elora's!

Pledge Your Birthday