Meet Noi Noi


Whilst on a family trip to visit his uncle on a remote cotton farm, 12 year old Noi Noi had a terrible quad biking accident that changed everything.

Hundreds of kilometres away from the nearest hospital, Noi Noi’s family worked tirelessly together to keep him alive until the helicopter arrived.

“When I got to Noi Noi he was blue, he was heartbeat, no pulse, no nothing,” said Tammy, Noi Noi’s mum. “I think we did CPR for somewhere between 30 minutes and an hour. We didn’t stop.”

With no time nor fuel to spare Noi Noi’s parents, Tammy and Troy, had to watch as their son took off for the hospital alone. But they were on their way, making the trip by car, for over 6 hours, to be by his side.

Ronald McDonald House was waiting for them to ensure they could be there for Noi Noi when he needed it most.

“Without the Ronald McDonald House we would not be where we are,” said Tammy.

“Neither of us would have been able to care for Noi Noi let alone have our other kids here with us, all together.”

Noi Noi had sustained a serious brain injury, one that has left him re-learning things most people take for granted. Keeping his family close was a priority, and one that is proving to make the difference in his progress.

“Ronald McDonald House kept us all together. I think the power of family, connection and consistency have really gotten Noi Noi through to where he is today,” said Tammy.

“Within the first week of being in Newcastle he could stand up!”

Noi Noi and his family have now returned home, where Noi Noi is continuing rehabilitation amongst all of his family and friends.

Throughout September, community members and businesses will ride together in the Ride for Sick Kids month-long event, to provide crucial funds that will help us to keep our doors open so we can support hundreds of other families, just like Noi Noi’s.

Can you join forces with your community and help us by jumping on your bike?


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