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By Emily Lamrock

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My target 100 kms

I'm running 100 Kms for this great cause

Darcy was born on the 30th December 2020 at Westmead hospital in Sydney, 4000 kilometres from home. 
Darcy was found to have two holes in his heart and what looked to be fluid on his lungs so there was no question that we had to be close to a major hospital for his birth and surgery to fix his heart. 
Grappling with the news our unborn baby had so many complications our thoughts turned to how we could afford to stay together in Sydney during peak season with a new baby on the way. 
Ronald Mc Donald house in Westmead was a silver lining on the dark days we had throughout Darcy’s time in hospital. Not only did we have a clean, safe, and comfortable place to rest, we also had the opportunity to connect with other families and share support when going through the tough times. Our older son Brock has fond memories of our stay at Ronald McDonald house and whilst it was certainly no holiday for us I’m grateful for the sense of normalcy we had and the time we had together.
Ronald Mc Donald house provides such an important service for so many families. When your child is seriously unwell you are emotionally, mentally and physically exhausted you need your family around you to draw on their strength and love to help you cope with the immense stress and challenge.

We spent close to 100 days at Ronald McDonald house which is why I plan to run k’s for days, and take on the challenge of running 100 km to scout camp and back to Nhulunbuy on the 15th on July 2022 in honour of Darcy and his strength. 
We would love your support in helping champion Ronald McDonald house charities Sydney. Any amount you can afford will be greatly appreciated and could give a family the best gift of all - time together.

Thank you for your support,
From Emily, Troy, Brock and Darcy x

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First 50km

Sunday 22nd May
Thanks so much for all the support from Runners North and my very fit friends in Nhulunbuy in helping me achieve my 50km milestone. Few more training runs to go before the big one! 

Half way there!

Thursday 25th Nov
Thank you so much to all our amazing sponsors in helping us raise over $2500. Darcy is so lucky to have so many wonderful friends xxx

Thank you

Sunday 14th Nov
We have been blown away by all the support from everyone so early on. Thank you for all of your contributions, it warms our hearts to know so many people care so much.

Thank you to my Sponsors




Troy Croton

Merry Christmas



Wonderful thing to do x


Dick,kristy,milli,max And Frank


Jess, Dylan, Eli And Hughie


Src Ramingining

Dear Emily, SRC raised this money at school by selling Icy-cups. Melena and the SRC made the icy-cups and the students were all enthusiastic about buying them.


Trish Lamrock

Big love to Emily, Darcy, Troy & Brock 💙 I would love to be there when you finish the 100km run Em! xo


Noah :-)

Well done Emily! Go team Darcy 👏


Madeleine Scicchitano

Good luck!


Ben Kelly

Such a worthy cause and close to your heart. You’re a star Em!


Maria Vidler

You are such an inspiration Emily -both with your running and as a mum 💜


Francois & Hestie



Well that did not work very well. I'll try again!


Patricia Mcfarland


Rohan, Kirsty, Archie, Spencer


Locky Corrigan

Go darcy ❤️


Sue Mcavoy

Well done Emily I know you'll make that distance.


Samantha Ladner

You are one amazing lady Em. Darcy is scrumptious and I wish you all the


Emily Lamrock


Mel, Jeremy, Grace And Jake Beer

What an amazing woman you are Emily! So much strength and determination, as well as one incredible role model for your boys. We wish you all the best on this challenge...just one foot in front of the other ;)


Zohara L

Em, we are sending our biggest love to You, Darcy, Brock and Troy! Go Em Go!!!


Zohara L

We are sending our biggest love to You, Darcy, Brock and Troy. Go Em Go!!!


Sharmin Sultana


Benny Kaiser

Hey emrock, great cause and beautiful little family you've got going!! Have fun with those 100kms now!!!


Sarah Atkinson

Amazing em xx we love you guys. Darcy is a lucky boy to have landed in your arms xxx


Emily Lamrock


Stacey Kessner

Your a amazing Mumma! We know you can do it!! Brock and Darcy will be proud of u like we all r xx


Susan White



We love you buddy ❤️ Go Em!!


Margie And Alan

Great cause


Renee Blythe


Lucy Woodhouse


Kylie Hawke

Ronald McDonald House has also helped a friend of mine during a challenging time for their family. It is an invaluable service.


Mikey Peoples

Good luck Em! Hope everything goes well.


Cathy Biggers


Ari & Sonny

Love you beautiful boy, from Ari and Sonny xx Well done Em xx




Clancy Snell

We are so lucky to have you in this world lovely little Darcy. Your Mummy is so brave, your Dad is strong and your big brother is wonderful xxx


Kerry Coetzer

All the best to the Lamrock family ❤


Veronique Parent

Great Work! Great Cause! Keep Fighting! Stay strong & positive!


Rachel Biggers-george


Melodie List

Grateful to the Ronald McDonald House for looking after my family when my daughter got sick


Georgia Booth

Sending my love 💛💛


Charlene - Broome

I was a part of your journey as I work very closely with your very caring sister Trish. All the best and I happy that you are all doing well. Ronald McDonald house is such an important service for families. X


Shannon Ades


Christine Munro

Hi Emily All the best. Marcus, Gypsy and Jandu are all cheering you on as well! Chrisitine