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CEO Walk In My Shoes

I am joining my fellow CEOs in experiencing a day in the life of a family who stay at RMHC Sydney.

In a previous life as a police officer I had seen first hand the impact that unexpected serious illness and trauma can have on families, but I could never really relate as I was young and not married.

Now, as a father of three young girls I can only imagine how devastating it must be to hear the news but then work out how to deal with the issue. Iā€™d like to improve my awareness and understand what goes into providing support to these families so we can support them.

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Thank you to my Sponsors


Darren Murphy


Nick And Ange

Keep doing what you are doing Darren we need more people like you


Anthony Lane

All the best Darren and well done for raising some coin for a well deserved organisation.


Dominic Mastrantuoni


Jane Henwood

Awesome initiative Darren.


Gez Mcevilly

Great cause Darren, well done mate!


Gorfin Family

Such an amazing charity to support. Having known families who have spent time at RMH in Sydney, it's the least I could do.


Tania Kullmann

Great cause Darren!!


Nicole Rose

Great cause Darren. You rock. Nicole


Rebecca Angelkovic

Great cause šŸ˜Š