Finn's Donations

By Cassie Moretti

I'm donating my birthday to support this awesome cause

This year I'm donating my birthday to support this amazing organisation. So instead of gifts, I'd like to ask you to support them too with a donation. Thank you!

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Thank you to my Sponsors


Giuliana Sheehy

Dear Finn What a wonderful kind thing to do, other children will benefit from your donations. Enjoy your party tomorrow, a special day with your friends, Happy 7th Birthday, best wishes, Giuliana


Kristy Oberdan

Happy 7th Birthday Finn!! Sorry we can’t be there but we hope it’s an awesome day! :) Love Nicolas and the Oberdan Family xx


Elijah And Ruby Adler

Happiest Birthday Finn!



Happy 7th birthday Finn. We hope you have a wonderful day celebrating.


Xavier Mangion

Happy Birthday Finn!


Lukas Sarin

Happy 8th birthday Finn! I hope you have the best day


Abbey Poole

Happiest of birthdays Finn, we hope you had the best day buddy and can't wait to celebrate! Love Fletcher :-)


Harrison Bolton

Happy birthday Finn!


Xavier Mangion

Happy Birthday Finn


Travis Borg

Happy 8th Birthday Finn!!! Hope you have a wonderful day!!! Sorry I couldn’t make it to your party, but I hope it’s filled with lots of fun!!!


Harry From Naz

Happy Birthday Finn, from your friend Harry


Kiralea Neels

Happy Birthday Finn, We hope you have the best day! Love Layne