Brian Taouil

CEO Walk In My Shoes

I'm fundraising for the Ronald McDonald House

I am taking part in the Ronald McDonald House campaign entitled CEO Walk In My Shoes on March 18th-19th and I need your help to raise $5000. 

It is every parents worst nightmare knowing that your child is unwell. I will receive insight into what a family goes through when they are given the shocking news that their child is sick and have to travel to Sydney for treatment. 

First-hand exposure in understanding of what parents and carers go through on a daily basis, as well as getting an opportunity to see what it takes to create the best possible experience for a family and come to know the families staying at the House will certainly be a humbling experience.

Any support will be greatly appreciated.

My Achievements

Thank you to my Sponsors


Pieta Real Estate

Gentleman! God bless you brother.


Lushious Landscaping

What a wonderful and very rewarding achievement. God bless you and your amazing family


Harrington Lawyers

Good Luck Brian!


Sam And Joan Sattout

Great work Brian! Doing us all proud


Matthew And Ghada Sattout

God bless bud!


The Leichhardt Lodge


Richard Matthews Real Estate


Aoyuan International

Its such a great cause. Well done Brian


Nigel Partridge

great effort brian, well done mate.


Ellie H

Good on you cuz


Daniel Selim




Dan S


Adrian And Anita

Well done BT


Daniel Shalala


Rose Taouil

May God looks after you and your family hope you never go through this at all


Joe Naddaf

Great cause Brian. God Bless.


Mathew Naguib

Good luck bro


Jessica Mikhael

We done Brian. God Bless x


David And Myrna

Good luck with it.


Michael Canturi


Go 2 Finance Brokers

Awesome work Brian, leading by example!


Chadi Nehme

Well done my Brother , may God bless you . We need more people like you in our world .


George Dahrie


Anthony Smiljan

Great charity Brian. God bless.


Fred, Nelly, Sophia & Nicholas

Great cause! All the best Brian


Evan Kaldor


Daniel Hereward

All the best Brian


Anthony Fletcher


Adam Cencigh

Well done Brian. Such a great charity. Thanks for dinner.


Franciscuss Sunga

Well done brother. Your inspiring work showcases the distinct characteristics of a Freemason. Keep it up!


Darren Allatt



Mario Gallo



Great initiative, Brian. Good luck with the campaign!