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I know through personal experience just how important Ronald McDonald House is in a time of personal crisis. 

My daughter, (now aged 31), was diagnosed with a chronic illness aged 5 and received a kidney transplant from myself aged 11 that had life threatening complications resulting in a prolonging stay in ICU. (Aged 20 she received a 2nd transplant from her stepmother Susan). During her childhood, my family were given access to Ronald McDonald House in Glasgow. I’ve experienced first-hand, families at their most vulnerable some who are required to be away from home for weeks to be close to their child. The support that RMH Australia has provided to 1000’s of families over the past 40 years has been crucial. 

It’s a privilege to be able to support RMH through fundraising and the immersion experience, to help RMH meet the challenge of making $160 a night cover, food, accommodation and even education support for an entire family.  

I’m honoured to be able to make a difference, especially knowing the funds raised through this initiative go directly to accommodating and providing for the families of ill children. 

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Arthur Mccoll


Greg Savage

Outstanding cause Arthur. Well done


Justin Mcdonell

Its a great cause, and great effort Arthur in supporting it


Steve Scully



What a cause Arthur. There is no pain such as pain of your sick child in the world and if we can do anything to lessen that pain for anyone in the world, that would be right thing to do as us human. Keep up the great work!



Good Luck reaching exceeding goal


Pete Harris

Such a fantastic cause Arthur. Please accept this donation on behalf of everyone at Digital Stack. Regards, Pete


Michelle, Gordon, Lauren, Mirrin & Ruary

Amazing charity


Tony Bostwick

Good Work Arthur!


Vinny P

Great cause!



Great cause Arthur. Well done.


Pia O'neill


Dripless Plumbing


Cassandra King

Thank you for sharing your family’s story. While I have never had any major medical issues with my daughter – and I hope to never have! – I’ve seen the work that the RMH does, and it’s inspiring. Thank you for being the kind of leader who supports that. Please accept my donation on behalf of my family and myself, and I wish you luck with the fundraiser.


Jodie Briede


Flavoney Pty Ltd

Hi Arthur, Amazing charity to support as we to have needed to rely on RMHC with our son. They were a solid support to us during a tough time. Cheers Mel


Jessica Groves


Franchise Relationships Institute

All the best Arthur. Thanks for doing this.


Sylvia Elix

A wonderful initiative Arthur, best of luck. Sylvi



What a great cause!


Jessica Yang


Julia Long

Wishing you all the best with the walk and fundraising for such a worthy cause!


Michelle Gamble

So happy to support this cause Arthur.


Martin Smith

Good luck with the walk Arthur, a great charity close to my heart as well.


Karyn Mccoll

This is such a great cause close to our hearts. Very proud daughter of yours xxx


Mandy Jacobson


Garry Crowe

A scholar and a gent....


Hart Trading Pty Ltd -- Frontline Retail Brisbane

Go get 'em Arthur "great cause"


Jason Logan

Hi Arthur good to see you well and doing these great things.


Patricia Carson

Another donation arthur made a mistake first one


Barbara Do George

Well done Arthur our company worked with this charity for a long time what a fantastic job they do


Mel Moseley


Jo Minton


Briana Currie

Such a great cause! All the best


Danni Godfrey


Patricia Carson Carson

Good cause Arthur donated now


Linda Smith