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It costs Ronald McDonald House $160 per night to provide a home-away-from-home for our families seeking treatment. We'd love you to help us reach our goal of funding 100 nights, by joining our #HouseChallenge!

What is the #HouseChallenge?

Although times are challenging for us all right now, consider being the parent of a seriously ill or injured child.

The families of sick kids face a world of uncertainty on a regular basis – required to isolate from the normal world to reduce risk of infection, and to find innovative ways to lift their spirits while their lives are turned upside down.

During this time of uncertainty, you can still make a huge difference by supporting our families through this extraordinary time! Join the Ronald McDonald House Charities South Australia #HouseChallenge, and create your own fundraiser from the comfort of your own home!

Whether it is reaching a fitness goal, a daily planking or push-up target, building the best indoor fort or house of cards, or a daily recipe challenge – we want you to get creative, spread some much-needed positivity, and encourage your online community to support you or get involved too.

What types of challenges can I do?

This is YOUR challenge, so YOU set the parameters that YOU can achieve! Here are some ideas to get you started: 

  • Isolation activities:
    - Complete 4 jigsaw puzzles per week
    - Create a book club and read 7 books in 14 days
    - Try and share a new recipe every day
    - Learn a new skill like playing the guitar or a new language

  • Get active:
    - 100 sit-ups or push-ups per day
    - 1 minute plank every day for a month
    - Dance for an hour each day
    - Run 10kms every week

  • Team up:
    - Have a drawing competition or read-a-thon online with school mates
    - Challenge your friends to collect the most leaves this Autumn

  • Donate your birthday, wedding or anniversary: In lieu of a present for your birthday, wedding or anniversary, ask your friends/family to donate towards RMHC

How do I join the #HouseChallenge?

1. Decide on your challenge task and the timeline you want to complete the challenge in, i.e. daily/monthly/end-date

2. Click on Register and then create your account

3. Follow the steps to create your page, including your challenge name and your target/goal

4. Copy your personal page URL and share via email or social media, and encourage your family, friends and colleagues to support you!

The RMHC Fundraising Team are here to help every step of the way, so please don't hesitate to get in touch: or 08 8267 6922

Take the #HouseChallenge. From your house, for our house.


Get Active

There are plenty of fitness activites you can achieve in your loungeroom - challenge yourself to complete 50 push-ups or sit-ups daily, or run 10kms every week! 

Isolation Activities

Now is the perfect time to learn a new skill such as playing the guitar or trying a new recipe every day. You could complete a new puzzle every week, or start a book club!

Team Up

Stay connected with co-workers, schoolmates, or friends, and help each other to raise funds for our house. Team work makes the dream work!

Donate Your Celebration

In lieu of a celebration for your birthday, wedding or anniversary, ask your friends/family to donate.

Why join the #HouseChallenge?

Self-isolation is nothing new for the families at Ronald McDonald House.

For the Coutts family, based in Mt Gambier SA, social distancing and isolation is a challenge they will continue to face long after the COVID-19 restrictions ease. Ezekiel Coutts, now 11 years old, was born six weeks early suffering a rare genetic illness known as Autosomal Recessive Polycystic Kidney disease. Since birth he has also suffered chronic lung disease, asthma, liver issues and more.

Ezekiel's mum, Venita, said that due to his compromised immune system, the family are all too familiar with the concept of social distancing.

"Not much has changed in the sense as we have always tried to use good hygiene practices, keep Ezekiel away from sick people, avoid large crowds eg, indoor playhouses, cinemas at busy times - this has just been our way of life since he was born."

Over the last decade, the Coutts family have developed their own methods to stay occupied, motivated and happy. Venita said that

"Ezekiel spends a lot of time building lego, listening to audio books, playing iPad, playing cards. We have also made contact with some of his friends through FaceTime and Zoom. He is also doing some online school but only minimal due to health/poor concentration/tiredness."

As the rest of the world begins to return to a new kind of normal, consider being in the shoes of Ezekiel and his family, who will remain socially isolated for the foreseeable future. What you can do from your house, allows our house to continue supporting families like these, particularly through these extraordinary times.

Support the families of Ronald McDonald House South Australia.
From your house, for our house.

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Take the #HouseChallenge. From your house, for our house.


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Don’t limit your challenges. Challenge your limits.

- Anonymous

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