Where are you spending Christmas? 

Three-year-old Vinnie spent last Christmas on the sandy beach with his family and friends.

This year, now wheelchair bound and facing 20 seizures a day, Vinnie and his family could be far from home for the festive season…

Earlier this year, out of nowhere, Vinnie had a prolonged seizure that changed his and his Mum (Nicole) and Dad’s (Cade) lives.

Vinnie and his shocked Mum were quickly flown to John Hunter Children’s Hospital so Vinnie could get the care he urgently needed. All they had with them were the clothes on their backs and Nicole’s handbag.

This is how rapidly things can change for families with sick kids.

Vinnie spent four months in hospital, with his parents staying nearby at Ronald McDonald House.

For other families like Vinnie’s, being in hospital over Christmas is an all too likely reality.

Unfortunately, a child’s seriously illness or injury won’t wait for the festivities to pass. This Christmas there will be families, like Vinnies, who will be staying at Ronald McDonald House that desperately need your help.

“I never knew just how amazing the support Ronald McDonald House gives is, until we had to use it. We had nothing. They literally supplied us with a place to sleep, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, and food everyday. It was a retreat away from the daily grind of the hospital, but kept us close so we could be there beside Vinnie,” says Nicole.

Christmas in hospital isn’t something to look forward to. It can be stressful and it takes families away from their loved ones and friends.

Ronald McDonald House provides more than just a place to stay. We keep families together and give them the chance to make memories that are all the more precious because of their circumstances.

Our staff and volunteers go to incredible lengths to make the whole month of December special for families. So while families are far from home, they are still able to feel the ‘Christmas spirit’ that we all love.

You can give the gift of keeping families, like Vinnie’s, together.

Your urgent donation today could help make Christmas special for families staying at Ronald McDonald House. Your donation, no matter the amount, will help keep families together and allow them to enjoy the comforts of home, so they can focus on their child’s recovery.

For every donation you make, a local business will match your gift!

And this Christmas, your gift can go so much further thanks to the #12DaysRMHChristmas

12 local businesses have put up their hand to match the donations made by the community towards keeping families together this Christmas and to support sick kids in hospital.

When a child is diagnosed with a serious illness, it impacts the whole family. Lives can be turned upside down. With your help, Ronald McDonald House can provide a home away from home for many families so they can be together while their child receives the immediate medical help they need this Christmas.

Each business will match your donation up to $1,000